One card, many advantages

As a model location for soft mobility and with the guiding principle “All the time in the world”, two things are important to Werfenweng: firstly, that you as our guest always have the opportunity to move around in an environmentally conscious way. And secondly: that you can fully enjoy your precious time with us. That’s why the village of Werfenweng has developed a card that gives you great advantages in terms of soft mobility, but also colorful pastimes, both summer and winter. From snowshoeing to horse-drawn sleigh rides – and not to forget: wonderfully mobile at all times. These are just a few of the colorful attractions and benefits to which the Werfenweng Card gives you access. Available in the Basic (100 points) or Plus (300 points) version, it’s up for any wintertime fun. Here you can find out how it works. Weekly program as posted. Some activities are weather and weather conditions dependent and require a minimum number of participants. Subject to COVID measures.

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